3Pi MFHR Radar Tower Installed and Operational

The 3 Phoenix, Inc. (3Pi) Multi Function High Resolution (MFHR) Radar has been installed at the 3Pi facility in Wake Forest, NC. This MFHR Radar features 0.3m range resolution, 2000 pulse repetition rate, and 150 RPM rotation rate. This low-cost and rugged radar system is highly adaptable for multiple surface search missions that includes swarm boat mitigation, low RCS detection, classification, and discrimination, high resolution surface mapping, and drug interdiction.

This new radar tower will support our existing and future work in radar systems.  The tower will also be used to test new radar systems.

The below photo of the new radar tower was taken from the existing 3Pi facility on Capcom Avenue in Wake Forest.


Photos below are taken from the tower showing the field of view: